Please review our FAQ's

Do you have any questions? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions from our past customers. Maybe they can help you plan your trip.


What happens if our vehicle breaks down?

We are nearly always travelling with other vehicles, so if we cannot fix it on the spot (some of my drivers are mechanics) we would put you into other vehicles. You would not be late back to the ship.

Do you offer tours in languages other than English?

No, I’m afraid that we don’t. However we have taken people from all over the world on our tours and we always manage to communicate somehow.

Do Estancia Excursions provide car seats for children?

Yes, we can provide age appropriate seats. Please inform us of the ages of any children under 11 at the time of booking.

Do Estancia Excursions provide packed lunches?

Packed lunches are provided for all cruise ship passengers, and the cost is incorporated into the tour price.

Land Based passengers must provide their own lunches, usually from their Guest Houses/Hotels.

Will we get close to the penguins?

Yes. They are naturally curious and will often come to you if you sit quietly observing them.

Will we be late back to the ship?

No, no, no, no and NO! Absolutely not. Being late back to the ship is not an option and I can promise you that we will have you back in plenty of time.

Can we visit the King Penguins and the Rockhopper Penguins in the same day?

No. Sorry, they live in different areas and it is not possible to visit them both due to the time it takes to travel to the different locations.

Can Estancia Excursions take us to Bluff Cove Lagoon, or Sparrow or Kidney Cove?

No. These areas are privately owned and tours must be booked directly with the land owners for land based tourists, or on-board your ship for cruise passengers.

Can we book a private vehicle to ourselves?

Yes, but you must pay for all 4 of the seats. This must be specified at the time of booking.


Can we pay in advance by Paypal?

No, you cannot make payments to the Falkland Islands using Paypal.

Is there an ATM on the Falkland Islands?

No. There is no ATM anywhere. Cash can only be obtained via cards at the bank if you have photographic ID with you. The bank is only open from 0830 – 1500 Monday to Friday, with a 0900 opening on Wednesday’s. Cashback can be obtained from 2 supermarkets when making a purchase.

Can we pay for our tour by card?

No. Cash only please.