Countryside code of the Falkland Islands

King Penguins on Volunteer Point Beach (7) copy

Developed by Falklands Conservation

The countryside code ensures that the remarkable wildlife and natural environment of the Falklands is protected for the enjoyment of future generations:

  1. Always ask permission before entering private land.
  2. Keep to paths wherever possible. Leave gates open or shut as you find them.
  3. Be aware of the high fire risks throughout the Islands. Be extremely careful when smoking not to start fires. Take cigarette butts away with you.
  4. Do not drop litter*. Take your rubbish home with you.
  5. Do not disfigure rocks or buildings.
  6. Do not touch, handle, injure or kill any wild bird or other wild animal*.
  7.   Never feed wild animals.
  8. Always give animals the right of way. Remember not to block the routes of seabirds and seals coming ashore to their colonies.
  9. Try to prevent any undue disturbance to wild animals. Stay on the outside of bird and seal colonies. Remain at least 6 m (20 ft) away. When taking photograph or filming stay low to the ground. Move slowly and quietly. Do not startle or chase wildlife from resting or breeding areas.
  10. Some plants are protected and should not be picked*. Wildflowers are there for all to enjoy.
  11. Whalebones, skulls, eggs or other such items may not be exported from the Falkland Islands*. They should be left where they are found.
* Such actions (with a few special exceptions) may constitute an offence in the Falkland Islands and could result in fines up to £3,000.